The Heart of Restoration

March 25, 2019


My family and I were blessed to attend the 31st Annual Run to the Sun car show in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were a part of the thousands of enthusiastic spectators to enjoy this event. Among the cars, I found my dream car, the 1958 Chevrolet Corvette. Oh, she was such a beautiful lady, but so were they all, in their time, and in their own way.




We, my husband Mike and I, share a lot of things in common, one of those things being a passion for old cars and hearing the history behind the each one. As we walked up one row and down the next, we took our time to speak with the owners, listening to their “heart of restoration.”


One gentleman shared that his 1969 Chevy C-10 was the first truck he had bought himself. He had purchased it brand new by working hard through his high school years. He gave himself the gift the day after his graduation. It had cost him his “life-savings”, but the cost was little compared to what it gave him—a sense of pride and manhood.



A tow-headed young man told us of how his vehicle had belonged to his great-grandfather and had been passed down through the generations. He, along with his grandfather and father, sat behind the old ‘55 C-10 Sidestepper, as we oohed and awed over the truck and the original bill of sale that dangled in the wind from the raised hood.


The stories went on and on. Each one is as fascinating as the one before it. Each one with the general theme—“a heart of restoration,” a heart dedicated to spending their time, devoting their energy and pouring out of themselves for their treasure.


It was not until I began writing “The Restoration Series” that I began to understand the amount of work and sacrifice that goes into restoring an automobile. I just knew I loved looking at them. I love the body style of the Classic American Muscle Car, and I love the chrome accents and the details that went into the grand ladies of yesteryear --the shiny buttons on the seats, the sculpted fins of the rear panel, the ornate hoods and taillights. They don’t make them like that anymore.



The cost of restoring and maintaining a classic is very pricey. Not only does it cost time and money for the restoration, there is an additional price to be paid for the upkeep and protection of such an investment. Most of the owners we talked with have a special climate-controlled garage to house their nostalgic gem. Each time the vehicle is driven, it must be carefully cleaned. Although, I love the older cars and trucks, I am not sure that is a price I want to pay.


Thankfully, God does not share my heart.


From the beginning, He dedicated Himself to love and cherish me, giving the very best He had to purchase my soul. Restoring it, shielding and protecting it until the day of my perfection—the day I met Him face to face.


During the reading of Leann’s Victory, you will find it is the process of restoring old cars that my character, Graham, not only builds relationships but demonstrates the love of God for all. He shows his family and friends the truth that no one is beyond God’s grace and mercy. No life is beyond restoring. God is faithful and always finishes what He starts.


However, unlike cars, lives are not as quickly and easily restored. Instead of years, it takes a lifetime of dedication, allowing the process to fine-tune and develop each of us into the masterpiece that we were designed to be. I am sure you are like myself, always finding that I need another touch-up, a little polishing and a little more repairing.


With every breath we take, He is continuously molding us, remaking the brokenness and bringing out the beauty in our scars.


With the red letters of John 3:16, God tells us that His love for us is so great that He gave the best heaven had to offer in Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God. If we choose to accept this gift, asking His Son to be our Savior and Lord, we will receive an even greater gift. The gift of “everlasting life.” Everlasting is never-ending. That’s God’s love for you and me. It is through this love that the restoration continues. He will not leave us as we are—broken and corroded by sin. Instead, with each new day, He works to bring out the best in us, leading us to our destiny in Him.


King David said the “Lord leads him beside the still waters,” in Psalm 23. He did not say He led me there once. David said He leads me. Our Father is always providing what we need, never giving up deeming our lives too impossible or too costly.


I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful that our Father has committed Himself to the restoration of this ole girl. He never gets discouraged, thinking the process is taking too long, nor frets over the price He has spent out on me. Every day, with grace and mercy, He continues, pouring Himself out in order to bring me into a place of divine perfection.


As the owners at the car show, I pray that God basks Himself in the glory I bring Him. I pray I bring Him pleasure and great pride. I pray as He continues this process in me, others will see His “Heart of Restoration” and come to know Him as Savior and Lord. Until then, may I ever be patient and still, as He works out His will in me.


Never forget this truth my dear friend:


You are never too far gone that the Father cannot restore you!





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