All I Ever Needed

January 26, 2017


I wanted to share a little excerpt from my new Bible Study--Baggage and All. This story is entitled--




All I Ever Needed

Day One


She wiped her sweating brow once more and pulled her veil forward enough to shield her eyes from the glaring sun. Grimacing, she lofted the cumbersome waterpot back onto her shoulder. How she loathed the journey to this well. Each step was a constant reminder of who she was and how far she had walked away from the girl she had been raised to be. Even now the bitter truth still cut her like a knife. She wasn’t like the rest of the women in her town. She was an outcast. Just plain old trash. She had no real friends—no one to care about her except herself and most days she didn’t care either. If only she could go back and change things. If only she could go back to those carefree days before her life got so out of hand.


“Well, you can forget that, Missy!  You messed up our lives a long time ago. This is what it is. There is nothing better out there for likes of us.”


Her mind had become her worst enemy. It had a treacherous way of constantly replaying her past. Today was no different. All of the broken promises flashed before her as a silent movie.  Each black and white scene only added more coldness to the icy chamber that was trying to  imprison her heart. 


“No!” her heart cried in agony.  “Don’t say that. There has to be hope! Hope that life can be better than this. I must believe. I must.”

“Believe in what?” Her condescending mind inquired. “We’ve been there thousands of times. Every turn has left us empty. Every time you have trusted or believed has only leaves us disappointed and heartbroken.  Do you really want to do it again?  What is there left to believe in?” her mind reeled with exhaustion.


“Nothing. There is nothing left to believe in. What’s done is done! There is no going back.  No use fretting about the mess I have made. It is what it is.”


Frustrated she kicked another clog of dry dirt out of her way before looking towards her destination. She wasn’t expecting anything to be different than all the days before but it was.


“Oh great.” She drew in a deep breath and let out a long sigh, “Just what I need to deal with today—another man.”

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